Cecilia Clarke, Founder & Executive Director
Sadie Nash Leadership Project

“Amita taught for two years in our award-winning Summer Institute, in both Newark and New York City, leading our mandatory core course Power, Identity and Privilege. This course examines concepts of power, oppression, solidarity and equity and provides highly sophisticated concepts and rigorous material for young women of high school age.  In addition to delivering this challenging material effectively, it should be noted that Amita — two years in a row —  earned the highest course ratings among her co-teachers on our anonymous evaluations surveys, 97% in 2010 and 93% in 2011 found the class “highly valuable.” And young women had this to say: “P.I.P. was my favorite class, it opened my eyes to a world filled with different types of oppression, as well as about opportunities to fight back and make change,” and “Amita was so strong, I mean she just took my breath away. The class was serious and I learned so much.”  Without a doubt, Amita is a talented and inspirational teacher for young people and we have always seen strong results from her work with us.”

Abel Valenzuela Jr., PhD
Chair, Department of Chicana/o Studies, UCLA
“Amita is wonderful convener, articulate and thoughtful in her responses, in control during difficult or tricky discussions, and flexible and adroit enough to navigate a side conversation while bring us back to point.  I’m fortunate to work with many people at the top of their game and Amita is definitely at the top of her game!”

Urooj Arshad, Co-Chair, Queer Muslim Collective
“Amita is a brilliant facilitator. She has the incredible capacity to understand and move work forward in a nuanced way.  As a manager, she works hard to maximize opportunities for effective fundraising and organizational development by harnessing existing relationships and creating innovative ways to build on existing work.”

Leah Gesoff, Counselor, Bard High School Early College
“Amita was professional, resourceful, and a pleasure to work with.  She listened to the unique needs of our school environment before helping us re-structure our Advisory program.  Our faculty was comforted by Amita’s experience and expertise and feel lucky to have had the opportunity to work with her.”

Tanya Paperny, MFA, Freelance Writer and Editor
“I worked with Amita when we both served on the Board of Directors of the National Youth Advocacy Coalition. As the newly-appointed chair, she really took the reins and led major efforts to re-conceptualize the work of the organization and its future. She never missed an opportunity to meet with people who might be interested in our work and was comfortable pitching to anyone, whether they were a possible 5-figure donor or a young person who might only have 5 dollars. She was also invaluable internally at NYAC, managing personalities, multiple projects and emergency needs all while continuing to do her own work as an organizer, educator and leader. She was fearless and tireless and truly inspiring.”

Marissa Gutierrez-Vicario, Program Manager, Public Allies New York
“Amita provided the young people in our program with one of the most exceptional and powerful training experiences we have ever hosted, focusing on the intersection of anti-child sexual abuse work, public policy, and art. Interactive, well-organized, creative, and intentional; the workshop, combining her personal story with current research and statistics, deeply resonated with many of our participants. After the training, several participants expressed a desire to become further involved in this work. Many individuals are capable of leading dynamic trainings, yet few also motivate others to become involved in social change work long after the training is over. Amita has this gift.”

Arvind Grover, Dean of Faculty, Grace Church School
“As a facilitator, Amita is super efficient while being thoughtful at the same time. She is committed to the objective at hand, while making sure things are meaningful for those participating. She especially connects with youth in a meaningful way, helping them discover truths for themselves.”

Annie Escobar, CEO, Listen/In Pictures
“Amita is a powerhouse – driven, passionate, fiercely intelligent and one of the most powerful speakers I’ve ever met.  I constantly strive to be like her, because she is able to take complex, emotionally difficult political topics and give people frameworks to think about them, while always being inclusive. She’s also an excellent leader who is like a magnet for good people and ideas, a true catalyst. When she says she will do something, she does it, often better than anyone could ever have imagined. She has helped me grow tremendously.”

Joaquin Sanchez, Jr., Consultant, CrossRoots
“She’s badass. Resourceful. Reliable. Critical. And ready to be challenged. Although she’s usually on point. And she’s there from start to finish for any task.”

Ilia, 15 years old, and Palwasha, 16 years old
“We wanted to let you know that we love your Power, Identity & Privilege class! What we learn from you always ties in to what I learn in other classes. We can’t stop listening to you speak, and you keep us interested! Thanks for being our teacher!”

Gabriella Callender, folk singer, member of Mahina Movement
“Amita’s facilitation style is fair, captivating and eloquent. She provides a clear, warm space to be comfortable and fully self-expressed.  At the end of the day it’s all about team building, and Amita is a pro at this.”

Anjali Nath, Ph.D. Candidate,
American Studies and Ethnicity, University of Southern California
“As a speaker, Amita is forceful and direct – she is able clearly explicate the intersections of theory and practice in her work.  As an activist, she’s an innovator who knows how to get things done. She’s not afraid to ask for what she wants or to advocate for people who are underrepresented, marginalized, and subjected to multiple forms of violence.”

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